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Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? Bewildered?  Just plain dumb?  Check out the FAQ below. How come you pick on Dads so much? Because we love 'em.   What do you look like?  Would I recognize you if I saw you on the street? Well, if I'm wearing my cape and my shirt with the big letter 'R' on it then you'd probably be able to spot me.  But in order to avoid recognition, Reeko often masquerades as a mild-mannered mad scientist.  Still, if you see someone with wild hair sticking straight up, a glazed look in his eyes, and smells like chemicals - who knows, maybe it's Reeko...   How come you always put those little dots (...) at the end of sentences? ...   Who is 'Chimp"? Reeko's chess playing monkey.   OK, then who's 'Delilah'? Reeko's good-for-nothing cat.   How come you didn't

Reeko's Safety Policy

Reeko’s lecture about children and safety on the Internet Reeko realizes that this site gets much of its traffic from kids.  With that in mind, it's only fair that we discuss Net safety (sorry, but Reeko is a parent and has to get just one lecture in before you go). Reeko gets tons of email everyday from kids - and that's great!  He tries to respond to each and every one of them.  But kids should be aware that it's often wise to ask Mom and Dad for permission before sending email to a stranger.  It's just common courtesy to ask Mom and Dad about this.  Besides, they'll get a kick out of how responsible their little one is for being aware of online Internet dangers... Here's the

Awards for Excellence

OK, so pickings are a little slim right now but we have nowhere to go but UP!  Be sure to vote and/or suggest our site for website awards (they really make Reeko's head swell) and don’t forget to share stuff you find in Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab with your friends (it’ll really make their heads swell as well).     2013 Texas Excellence Award - Excellence in Software (USTCI)       Additional site recognition includes a review in the School Library Journal (October 1998, February 2000), review in the Washington Times (October 1999), and “expert” interview in New York Times..

Periodic Table of the Elements

Here’s a few periodic tables in case you periodically need one.  Remember, the keys to they mysteries of the universe all lie within the tables below. Periodic Table of Elements   Spiral Periodic Table of Elements   The Ring of Periodic Elements   Circular form of periodic table   Alternative circular periodic table

Crazy Questions and Answers

Reeko’s answers to the puzzling questions that surround us It's a crazy world out there.  Luckily, here inside Reeko's Lab, everything is pretty much normal.  So Reeko took a break from his latest anti-gravity, moon-walking flip-flops experiment and let the Chess playing monkey out of his cage for a little exercise.  While the monkey scampered all over the lab knocking over beakers and such, Reeko chased the wild-eyed creature, all-the-while firing puzzling, unanswered scientific questions at him.  Here's the responses he received (don't worry - Reeko translated the monkey talk to English for you) ...   What is an ice cream headache and will I die if I keep eating after getting one? Scientists have debated this

Other cool science websites

Interesting Science Links... Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab is not the only cool science website on the Internet.  Here's some other cool geeky websites that we like. Alright, so the list is not exactly 'extensive' but it's a start. Reeko will keep adding interesting science links as he stumbles across them in his never-ending quest for knowledge. Here are some sites that Reeko's thinks are great! SciCental This award winning site has been online for over a decade now and offers breaking science research news in the areas of biosciences, health sciences, physics and chemistry, earth and space, and engineering. Franklin Institute Science Museum This page is hosted by, who else - The Franklin Institute Science Museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although much of their site is previews of exhibits from their

Science Book Reviews

[sc:commonscripts] Science Book Reviews Order directly from! Here are some books that Reeko's thinks are great (in fact, many of these resources are used by Reeko in his research and experimentation projects)! Click on the link below to order the book directly from Reeko’s How to Find a Pot of Gold Book Written by Reeko himself. Climbed to the #1 position on the New York Times Best Seller list and stayed there for over 10 weeks! Reeko stunned the world by producing this mammoth (1000 pages) book and offering it for a list price of only $1.95. Secret Message Below (Decoder) (Instructions) EUA RUBK YIOKTIK. EUA RUBK YIOKTIK. EUA RUBK YIOKTIK. NUC'Y ZNGZ LUX G YAHROSOTGR SKYYGMK...  

Comments from our friends

Here are some things that Reeko’s friends have said about him Reeko wants to hear your feedback! Write us and let us know what's on your mind. Reader comments I share your love of science. I love this web sight and hope to use it in my classes as we gear up for the science fair in February. I want my students to find experiments that they find interesting. PLEASE keep up this web sight. I think it is great!! - A Sixth Grade Science Teacher Reeko thanks a bunch for your website. I couldn't find any website except yours that was good. - AMGirl So glad I found this site! I'm a high school senior taking physics and need some Exta Credit. I'm sure your "Inertia and Momentum Experiment" will earn

Reeko’s huge glossary of interesting (and useful) science words

[sc:commonscripts] So you're a little confused about what a thingamajig is? Well, you've come to the right place. Here's the glossary of scientific terms used in Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. If you don't find a definition for a term you found on Reeko's site, feel free to email Reeko your word suggestion and he'll update this page accordingly. And don't forget - glossary terms are scattered throughout the site - in the games, science experiments, news articles, and under various laboratory rugs.  If you are looking for a longer, more elaborate definition of a science word, you can take a quick peek at the Reeko's online dictionary of science words here. Science Glossary/Terms   A   abiotic factor - a nonliving part of a ecosystem.   absolute zero - the lowest temperature that can possibly be