Month: September 2016

The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time [Infographic]

Over the centuries, many prehistoric artifacts and grounds have been uncovered, from the mysterious Gobekli Tepe to fascinating Mount Owen Moa, the tomb of the sunken skulls to the cryptic Voynich manuscript. For every artifact or monument that is discovered, more mystery and intrigue unfolds. Will we ever know the true importance of each of these discoveries? The folks over at Caherconnell Fort created this outstanding infographic that features 10 of the ultimate archaeological discoveries throughout human history.  

And the award for the world’s weirdest animal goes to…

  There are plenty of reasons we need a list of the world’s strangest animals besides just proving that these creatures really do exist. Among this list you’ll find Halloween costume ideas, ideas for faces you can make behind the teacher’s back, and new names you can call your friends. Plus, if you’re ugly, you won’t feel nearly as unattractive after laying eyes on these hideous beasts.  Without further ado, here are the world's weirdest animals. The world’s weirdest animals Naked mole rat   The naked mole rat, also known as the sand puppy or desert mole rat, is notorious for its lack of hair and funny-looking buck-teeth. The naked mole rat’s overly large teeth stick out of its mouth which allows it to dig with its teeth while keeping