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Here are some things that Reeko’s friends have said about him Reeko wants to hear your feedback! Write us and let us know what's on your mind. Reader comments I share your love of science. I love this web sight and hope to use it in my classes as we gear up for the science fair in February. I want my students to find experiments that they find interesting. PLEASE keep up this web sight. I think it is great!! - A Sixth Grade Science Teacher Reeko thanks a bunch for your website. I couldn't find any website except yours that was good. - AMGirl So glad I found this site! I'm a high school senior taking physics and need some Exta Credit. I'm sure…
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Science Glossary

Reeko’s huge glossary of interesting (and useful) science words

So you're a little confused about what a thingamajig is? Well, you've come to the right place. Here's the glossary of scientific terms used in Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. If you don't find a definition for a term you found on Reeko's site, feel free to email Reeko your word suggestion and he'll update this page accordingly. And don't forget - glossary terms are scattered throughout the site - in the games, science experiments, news articles, and under various laboratory rugs.  If you are looking for a longer, more elaborate definition of a science word, you can take a quick peek at the Reeko's online dictionary of science words here. Science Glossary/Terms   A   abiotic factor - a nonliving part of a ecosystem.   absolute…
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