Where inside and outside are one and the same

[sc:commonscripts] Mobius strip experiment Think you've seen it all. Just when you thought you understand the simple little concepts like up and down, forwards and backwards, and inside and outside, Reeko comes along and throws a curve ball at ya' - in this case, a curved piece of paper that will blow your mind. Cut a 2 inch strip of paper. Holding the strip out straight, give it a half twist (180 degrees) and attach the two ends together. Take a pen and draw a line along the center of the strip. Surprised? Where do you end up? Is the line drawn on the inside or outside of the paper? Now cut the strip along the line you drew. How many chains do you get? Your chain is called a Mobius strip,

Super hero egg shells

Super hero egg shells Ever wonder why igloos are dome shaped and not square? Ever been amazed at how a suspension bridge can hold the weight of hundreds of passing cars with little or no apparent support underneath it? This experiment demonstrates how arches are used in architecture not only for aesthetic appeal but for a very useful and needed purpose... Carefully break off the small end of four eggs and pour out the insides.  If you're worried about wasting perfectly good eggs then... uhhh, Reeko's heard they're good for your hair... Wind a piece of cellophane tape around the center of each eggshell. Cut through the center of the tape to make four dome-shaped shells (discard the broken end of each shell). Lay the four domes on a table