Shiver me timbers, blow me down

The Coanda Effect experiment Believe it or not, scientist are still arguing (debating would be a better word, I guess) as to exactly what scientific principle should be used to explain why an airplane can fly. One explanation, the Bernoulli Effect is commonly used to explain the phenomenon of flight . In this experiment we demonstrate the second explanation - the Coanda Effect. Light a candle and place it on a table. Place an oatmeal or salt container in front of the candle. Blow against the other side of the container (the side opposite from the lit candle). Be sure to keep your mouth even with the flame of the candle. Bet ya didn't guess that was going to happen - did ya? The Coanda Effect is the tendency of

Rock and roll records that just won’t swing

[sc:commonscripts] An old record (or CD) demonstrates gyroscopic principles Gyroscopic inertia - a strange, complicated word - is a force common all around us. It explains how we are able to ride a bike, how planes navigate, and how a figure skater is able to do those lightening fast spins. Here's a simple experiment that'll clear up this confusing concept. Note: the hardest part of this experiment is going to be finding one of those old LP records. Tie one end of the string to the middle of a matchstick or pencil. Pull the other end of the string through the center of a LP record (so the matchstick is centered underneath the hole). Swing the record back and forth like a pendulum in smooth, even movements and note how