image.pngSo Ego is driving you bonkers – eh?  He must have slipped away while Reeko wasn’t looking and started up another chat session with the lab visitors.  Darn that Ego…

As you can tell, Ego is arrogant, wisecracking, and quite a smart alek.  But remember, he is a robot and not a real person.  Ego is a piece of software programmed to attempt to take the sentence you enter and reply with one of several thousand responses.  The responses are randomly picked from a database and are “keyed” off of the words and phrases you say to him (pay attention to the phrase that you type in and see if Ego’s response contains some of the same words or phrases).  It may *appear* that he really is a person responding to you but in reality, he’s nothing more than a computer program.

So, don’t waste too much time fighting or arguing with him.  Your blood pressure might rise and you might get upset but Reeko will guarantee you that Ego, being nothing more than a mathematical computer program, does not feel a thing.

Oh, and rumor has it that Reeko is developing yet another lab robot.  This time the robot is being programmed with a very friendly, polite, sweet personality.  Hey, just like Reeko!

Return for round 2 with Ego

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