Pot of Gold

OK, here’s how it works. Somewhere on the Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab site there is a hidden pot of gold. In fact, there are actually several hidden pots of gold. All you’ve got to do is find as many as you can. Be forewarned – they are not easy to find (hence the reason we call them ‘hidden’). In fact, some may be found offsite so click on all the links you can find!

OK Reeko, where should I look? Everywhere! Some may be easy to find, others will be extremely difficult. Some may be there one minute and gone the next! They may be hidden ‘in’ pictures, behind pictures, or within the text of an experiment. Some may magically appear when you hold your mouse cursor over curious words or sentences. If you need some help then check out these tips.

OK Reeko, what do I do when I find one? Hmmm, let’s see (we’re making up the rules as we go along…). When you find a Pot of Gold, click on it (note: some Pots of Gold may be kind or difficult to click on – keep trying!) After clicking on the Pot of Gold you will see a secret message. With each secret message there will be a code word. Write down the code word and save it. When you think you’ve found all the Pots of Gold (or you’re at your wits end), go to this page and fill out the form listing your name and the code words you found. High scores will appear on the Pot of Gold Hall of Fame page.

OK Reeko, what’s the point? What do I get out of it? Hmmmm. Let’s see…… How about fame and fortune? The person who find the most Pots of Gold get their names added to the Pot of Gold Hall of Fame page! In fact, check out the page now so you can get an idea of how may Pots of Gold have been discovered to date.

And kids, don’t forget to check out Reeko’s Net Safety Policy.  These are the rules that all little scientists should be aware of before posting personal information online.

Good Luck and happy hunting!


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