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Real time World stats can be eye opening.  What you are seeing below are real time statistical counters demonstrating the growth (and reduction) in world statistics as they occur.  Counters begin at zero when this page is loaded and will grow real time.  For instance, the number you see under U.S. Births is the number of births that have occurred in the United States since you loaded this page.  Hover over the stat title for an explanation of the statistic.

Seeded (start) values are based on numerics derived from various government and research related organizations (e.g. World Health Organization, United States Census) and algorithms used in the calculations are based on up-to-date growth ratios and historical data.

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Science and Health Stats

Distance Earth Traveled:  
Stars Born in the Universe:  
Lightning Strikes:  
Neutrinos passed through your body:    billion
Times you’ve Blinked:  
Litres of Blood Pumped:  
Your Calories Burned Thinking:  
Your Breaths Taken:  
Your Heartbeats:  
Oxygen from Plants:    tons
Trees Cut Down:  
Insects Born:    billion
Cells in your Body that Died:    million
Universe Expansion:    kilometers
Meteorites entering Atmosphere:  
Water Drank by Humans:    gallons
Water Sweated by Humans:    gallons
Water Urinated by Humans:    gallons
Undernourished people on the planet:  
Overweight people on the planet:  

Energy and Consumption Stats

World Oil Consumed:    barrels
Saudi Arabia Oil Production:    barrels
U.S. Oil Production:    barrels
Worlwide Electricity Used:    watts
Renewable Electricity Produced:    watts
Nuclear Electricity Produced:    watts
Fossil Fuel Electricity Produced:    watts
Garbage Produced:    tons

General Stats

Chickens Born:  
McDonalds Chicken Sandwiches Sold:  
Slices of Pizza Eaten:  
Pots of Gold Found:  
U.S. Currency Printed:  
Monopoly Money Printed:  
Quarts of Gas Released by Animal Farts:  

Life and Death

World Births:  
China Births:  
U.S. Births:  
Number born by C-Section in U.S.:  
U.S. Babies born out of Wedlock:  
U.S. Babies Born to Teenagers:  
World Deaths:  
World Population:  
U.S. Population:  
China Population:  
People diagnosed with Cancer:  
People Died from Cancer:  
World Tobacco Deaths:  
Worldwide Car Accident Deaths:  
Alcohol Car Accident Deaths:  
Drug Overdose Deaths:  
Lives Saved by Vaccines:  
Deaths by Starvation: