Reeko’s big list of chemical names, formula, common name, and color code


Colored chemicals in beakers

Below is a list of common chemical names, their chemical formula, common name, storage code, mass and density, as well as notes on where to find the chemical (other than a chemical supply house).  Use as a reference when conducting chemistry experiments, shopping for chemical supplies, and storing chemicals at home, or setting up your own chemistry lab.

If you find a missing chemical that you would like added, shoot Reeko an email and he’ll add it to the list.

Storage color codes

WhiteCorrosiveStore away from combustible and flammable chemicals.
YellowReactive/OxidizerMay react violently with water. Store separate from combustible and flammable chemicals.
RedFlammableStore only with other flammable materials.
BlueToxicStore in secure area.
GreenModerateStore in general chemical storage.
Gray or Orange (obsolete)ModerateStore in general chemical storage.
StripesIncompatibleIncompatible with other reagents of the same color code. Store separately.


Note: Shelf Life (Life) in RED indicates peroxide forming timeline, i.e. after X lifetime, this chemical may begin forming dangerous peroxides.

Chemical nameChemical formulaCommon namesMolar Mass (g/mol)DensityStorage codeLife (mo)Notes
AcetaldehydeC2H4O59.0670-30% (18°C)Red Stripe
AcetamideC2H5NO60.0520-6% (15°C)Blue
Acetic acidCH3COOH5% Solution: White vinegar96.0860-100% (20°C)RedWhite vinegar is 5% solution, Cleaning vinegar is 10% solution.  May also be found in photography supply store as “Indicator Stop Bath” at 89% solution.
AcetoneCH3COCH3Acetone17.0310-100% (20°C)RedCan be found as nail polish remover, fiberglass cleaner.  Industrial grade paint removers will contain more acetone still. Some stores sell pure acetone as well.
Acetylene gasC2H2EthyneRedFound at hardware stores or welding supply houses as “acetylene”.
Acetylsalicylic acidC9H8O4Aspirin180.16Green
Aluminum (powder)AlAluminumRedCan be found at art supply stores or fiberglass supply shops as aluminum powder.
Aluminum ammonium sulfateAlNH4(SO4)2ammonium alumGreenFound at art supply house as mordant for dying and painting. May be found in organic food supply store by name.
Aluminum chlorideAICL362.0680-40% (15°C)Yellow Known as sal ammoniac.  May be found in hardware store.
Aluminum hydroxideAl(OH)3alumina hydrateGreenSome Antacid Tablets may contain 100% (e.g. Alu-cap, Amphojel, Dialume)
Aluminum nitrateAI(NO3)3368.343Yellow Nitrate of ammonia may be found in a garden supply store.
Aluminum oxideAl2O3aluminaGreenFound at welding/industrial supply houses as “sandblasting sand”.
Aluminum potassium sulfateKAl(SO4)2Alum, potassium aluminum sulfateGreenFound as mordant for clothing dyes (e.g. RIT).
Aluminum sulfateAl2(SO4)3Flocculating Powder68.0070-26% (15°C)GreenFound as swimming pool chemical by name.
AmmoniaNH3(aq); NH4OHAmmonia, Ammonium Hydroxide128.3550-30% (20°C)GreenHousehold ammonia typically a 10% solution, drug store as “strong ammonia at 27%, or in a pure form from welding supply store.  Note: shake it, if bubble appear then it is impure and contains soap.
Ammonium bicarbonate(NH4)HCO3Salt of Hartshorn, Baker’s AmmoniaGreen
Ammonium bifluorideNH4HF2Ammonium hydrogen fluorideWhiteMay be found at hardware store as toilet bowl cleaner or rust stain remover.
Ammonium bromideNH4BrGreenFound at photography store as “bleach bath” for photograph development.
Ammonium carbonate(NH4)2CO3Smelling Salts, Salt of Hartshorn, Baker’s Ammonia134.452GreenFound at drug store as smelling salts.
Ammonium chlorideNH4ClSoldering Flux30.0260-24% (20°C)GreenFound at hardware store as “salt of ammon”.
Ammonium hydroxideNH4OH100.4590-62% (20°C)White Stripe36
Ammonium nitrateNH4NO3Ammonium Nitrate329.2440-50% (20°C)Yellow (separate)Found at garden supply as “nitrate of ammonia” or in pharmacy as single-use cold packs.
Ammonium persulfate(NH4)2S2O8Etching Solution, Ammonium PeroxodisulphateyellowFound at electronics supply as “circuit board etching solution”
Ammonium phosphate(NH4)3PO4FertilizerGreenFound at garden supply by name
Ammonium sulfate(NH4)2SO484.0070-50% (20°C)GreenFound at garden supply as fertilizer or pH adjuster.
Amylose(C6H9O5)nCornstarchFound at grocery store as corn starch.
AnthocyaninCan be extracted from Red Cabbage by cutting, boiling, then filtering.
Argon gasArFound at welding supply store by name. It’s also the inert filler gas inside incandescent light bulbs but good luck sucking it out.
Ascorbic acidC6H8O6Vitamin CGreenFound as Vitamin C tablets.
Barium carbonateBaCO3Green
Barium chlorideBaCl2180.1560-26% (20°C)Blue36
Barium hydroxideBa(OH)294.11Blue
Barium nitrateBa(NO3)3214.001Yellow
Barium sulfateBaSO4LithoponeGreenOften used  as a radio contrast agent for x-rays and CAT scans.
Benzoyl peroxideC14H10O4benzoic acid peroxideRed StripeFound at hardware store as 50% benzoyl peroxide under the brand name “Minwax High Performance Wood Filler”.
BismuthBiLead-free shot/sinkersWhite (concentrated)
Bismuth subsalicylateC7H5BiO4Pepto-BismolActive ingredient in Pepto-bismol and Kaopectate.
Boric acidH3BO3Ant/Roach KillerGreenFound at grocery store, drug store, hardware store by name.
Bromthymol blueC27H28Br2O5SpH TestGreen24Often used in aquarium pH test kits.
ButaneC4H10ButaneRedFound at camping stores as stove fuel.
CaffeineC8H10N4O2No-DozGreenFound at grocery store but often blended with starch.
Cadmium sulfideCdSCadmium YellowFound at fine art supply house.
Calcium carbideCaC2Red Stripe
Calcium carbonateCaCO3Limestone, Carbonate of LimeGreenFound at builder’s supply as chalk, limestone and marble chips and in fine art stores as “marble dust” or “precipitated chalk”.
Calcium chlorideCaCl2Laundry Aid/Road Salt/De-Icer339.7870-40% (20°C)Green36Found at hardware store as road salt or in pool supply as a water hardening agent.
Calcium hydroxideCa(OH)2Slaked Lime, garden lime97.995GreenFound at garden store.  Can be made from lime or quicklime by adding water to create slaked lime. Can be made by dissolving calcium chloride with sodium hydroxide in water.
Calcium hypochloriteCa(ClO)2Yellow
Calcium nitrateCa(NO3)2Norwegian saltpeter80.1030-68% (18°C)YellowAvailable from garden supply and agricultural supply stores as a fertilizer.
Calcium oxideCaOLime, QuicklimeGreenCan be made by heating calcium carbonate at very high temperatures (> 740 °C).
Calcium phosphate, monobasicCa(H2PO4)2superphosphateGreenFound at garden supply stores.
Calcium sulfate anhydrousCaSO439.997GreenFound at art supply stores as Terra Alba. Can be made from commonly available plaster of paris by additional heating to above 180C.
Calcium sulfate dihydrateCaSO4GypsumGreenCan be made from the reaction of Plaster of Paris with Water.
Calcium sulfate, hemihydrateCaSO4Plaster of ParisGreenFound at hardware stores, arts and craft stores, and hobby shops.
CamphorC10H16ORedFound at Chinese grocery stores as a flavor additive.
CarbonCSoot, Graphite, Graphene, Carbon nanotubes, Fullerenes, Diamond, CharcoalRedFound at pet supply store as activated charcoal for fish tanks. Found in art supply stores as Lamp Black pigment. Can be extracted from graphite leads used in pencils.  Pure or near-pure carbon can be produced through the reaction of Sucrose with Sulfuric Acid.  Could probably be extracted from your mother’s diamond necklace.
Carbon dioxideCO2VariousFound at party stores as dry ice.  Found at sporting good stores in gas form as propellant for air guns.
Carbon disulfideCS274.072
Carbonic acidH2CO3BlueSoda water is a dilute solution of carbonic acid. Can be made in varying strengths with home soda makers.
CarrageenanUsed in many commercial food preparations as a thickener and gelling agent.
Cellulose(C6H10O5)nGreenCan be extracted from undyed, processed cotton  or 100% cotton paper.
Chloroauric acidHAuCl476.141
Chromium(III) chlorideCrCl3144.01050-14% (18°C)Green
Chromium(III) nitrateCr(NO3)3128.034Yellow
Chromium(III) sulfateCr2(SO4)368.9950-40% (15°C)Green
Chromium oxideCr2O3Chrome Green102.8940-60% (15°C)BlueFound at art supply houses as a powder (green pigment) or at hardware store as ‘Green Rouge’ for polishing metal.
Chromium(VI) oxideCrO3102.8940-60%(15°C)
Citric acidC6H8O7Sour Salt80.0430-55% (20°C)GreenFound at photography supply stores and in grocery store as “sour salt”.
Cobalt(II) nitrateCo(NO3)285.104Yellow
Cobalt(II) sulfateCoSO484.995Green
CopperCuRed (powder)Found at hardware stores as electrical wire, copper pipe, copper sheeting.  Pennies prior to 1982 are 95% copper (5% zinc).
Copper(I) chlorideCu2Cl2284.0470-20% (20C)
Copper(II) chlorideCuCL2151.7480-20% (20°C)
Copper naphthenateCu(C11H10O2)2cupric naphthenateFound at hardware store as wood preservative (e.g. Wolman, Jasco) in up to 25% copper naphthenate solutions.
Copper(II) nitrateCo(NO3)279.1000-25% (20°C)
Copper(II) sulfate (anhydrous)CuSO4cupric sulfate (anhydrous)128.5260-20% (18°C)Found at garden supply store as a rootkiller.
Copper sulfate pentahydrateCuSO45H2Ocupric sulfate, blue vitriol, bluestoneFound at garden supply store as rootkiller (e.g. Zep Root Kill, Rooto Root Kill) and for pest control.
Cyanuric acidC3H3N3O3isocyanuric acidFound at  swimming pool and lawn/yard supply stores as a chlorine stabilizer.
DextroseC6H12O6glucose, corn syrupGreenFound at grocery store as corn syrup. Dextrose is right-handed (dextrorotatory) glucose. Levulose is left-handed (levorotatory) glucose. Most products are a half-and-half mix.
Dichloroacetic acidC2H2Cl2O2299.0250-30%(20°C)White
DichloromethaneCH2Cl2methylene chlorideBlueFound at hardware store as a solvent, degreaser and adhesive remover up to around 74% purity.
Dimethyl sulfoxide(CH3)2SODMSORedFound at  health food and naturopathic supply stores for treating injuries. Warning: DMSO will allow anything it has dissolved to pass directly through your skin into your bloodstream.
Ethanol/ethyl alcoholC2H5OHEverclearRedFound at liquor stores as 95% pure ethanol and 5% water. Found at hardware stores in denatured form.
Ether(C2H5)2Odiethyl ether, ethoxyethaneRed12Found at auto supply stores in aerosol cans as “Starter Fluid” or “Cold Start Spray”.
Ethylene glycolCH2OHCH2OH1,2-ethanediol125.8440-60% (20°C)GreenFound at auto supply stores as antifreezes.
EugenolCH2CH2CH2C6H3(OCH3)OHoil of clove, 2-methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)phenolGreenFound at health food stores as a somewhat impure form of clove oil.
Formic acidCH2O2methanoic acid171.3420-100% (20°C)RedFound at hardware stores as stain removers.  Can be extracted from the blue chamber of “Clorox Dual Action Toilet Bowl Cleanser” in 5% dilution.
FructoseC6H12O6Fruit Sugar296.6530-48% (20°C)VariousFound at grocery stores.
GlucoseC6H12O6Dextrose, corn syrup74.0790-60% (20°C)GreenFound at grocery stores as corn syrup.
Glycerin, glycerolC3H8O31,2,3-propanetriol32.0420-100% (20°C)GreenFound at drug stores as a skin softener.
GoldAuGreenFound in dad’s gold coin collection (99% pure) or as gold dust or gold foil from art supply stores.  Note: Gold jewelry is typically not pure gold.
Gum ArabicCH4O3Sgum acaciaGreenFound at art supply stores as a binder for turning pigments into paints.
HeliumHeRedFound at party supply stores, often as a mixture of helium and normal air (balloon gas).
HexamineC6H12N4HexamethylenetetramineSold at camping stores as solid fuel tables (typically in combination with 1,3,5-trioxane).
Hydrogen gasH2HydrogenRedCan be captured from electrolysis of water or by adding aluminum foil to a solution of Sodium Hydroxide (highly flammable and explosive).
Hydrobromic acidHB453.4910-65%(257deg;C)White
Hydrochloric acidHClMasonry Cleaner, Muriatic acid92.0960-40% (20°C)White24Found at hardware store as masonry cleaner and in silverware cleaner typically in concentrations as high as 35%. Can be made by performing electrolysis on salt water with platinum anodes and cathodes, and combining the gases away from sunlight.
Hydrocyanic acidHCN35.0460-16%(15C)
Hydrofluoric acidHFGlass Etching Solution208.2330-50% (20°C)WhiteCan be found at hardware store as aluminum brightener and tire cleaner, at art supply for etching glass, or at grocery store as a rust remover. Note: hydrofluoric acid must be stored in polyethylene or Teflon containers – it’ll eat through glass containers.
Hypochlorous acidHClOLaundry BleachFound at grocery store as bleach.
HydroquinoneC6H6O2GreenFound at photography stores.
Hydrogen peroxideH2O2Peroxide106.4410-100% (18°C)Yellow (concentrated)Found at drug store as hydrogen peroxide antiseptic (3%), Clairoxide hair bleach (12%).  May be found at health food stores as a source of “natural oxygen” in 35%. Warning: Do not heat unless your lifelong dream is to become a self-propelled rocket.
Hydroiodic acidHI119.378White
Iodic acidHIO3409.818Green
IodineI2IodideWhite18Found at drug stores as solution of iodine and ethyl alcohol used for treating wounds.  Available at camping stores as water sterilization chemical. Iodine is illicitly used in the production of methamphetamine, making iodine somewhat difficult to obtain.
Iron (powder)FeRed StripeFound at hardware stores as steel wool, iron nails, iron bolts, nuts, and screws.
Iron(II) ammonium sulfateFeSO4+(NH4)2SO4189.616
(Iron(III) Chloride (Ferric chloride)FeCl3Etching Solution32.0450-50% (20°C)GreenFound at electronics stores as an etching solution for circuit boards.
Iron(III) Oxide (Ferric oxide)Fe2O3RustGreenFound at art supply stores in purified form as the artists pigment “Red Iron Oxide”.  It’s nothing more than rust – it’s everywhere!
Iron(II III)Oxide (Ferrous ferric oxide)Fe3O4MagnetiteGreenFound at art supply stores as the artists pigment “Mars Black”.
Iron(II) sulfateFeSO4Ferrous sulfate, Sulfate of iron, CopperasFound at garden supply stores as a nutrient or at textile supply stores  as a mordant for pigments.
Iron(III) sulfateFe2(SO4)3210.900-20% (17.5°C)
KeroseneCnH2n+1 (n=12–16)Aviation FuelRedFound at hardware stores as lamp oil or kerosene.
Lactic acidC3H6O3Milk Acid394.9950-80% (20°C)White StripeFound at grocery stores and health food stores.
LatexC3H6O3Liquid Latex Body PaintFound at hobby shops, magic stores, and oddly, at adult stores (don’t ask).
LeadPbBlueMay be found at sporting good stores as lead shot or lead sinkers (may be alloyed with tin).
Lead(II) acetatePb(C2H3O2)2133.341Blue
Lead(II) chloridePbCl2127.912Blue
Lead(II) nitratePb(NO3)260.095Yellow
Lead(IV) acetatePb(C2H3O2)4212.996Blue
Linseed oilRedMay be found at hardware or art supply stores as paint binder or finish for wood. Note: “boiled linseed oil” contains Lead Oxide.
LithiumLiBlueCan be extracted from Lithium batteries.
Lithium chlorideLiCl80.9120-30%(20°C)
Magnesium (chips)MgFire starterRedFound at camping stores as a fire starter.
Magnesium carbonateMgCO3Athlete’s chalkGreenFound at sporting good stores as as a powder for gymnastics, weightlifting, and climbing to help keep hands dry (may be combined with calcium carbonate). May be found at drug store as antacid (some are pure magnesium carbonate).
Magnesium chlorideMgCl2Nigari or Lushui36.4610-30% (20°C)Green
Magnesium hydroxideMg(OH)2Milk of MagnesiaGreenFound at drug store as Milk of Magnesia
Magnesium nitrateMg(NO3)2128.260Yellow
Magnesium silicateMg3Si4O10(OH)2TalcFound at drug store as Talcum powder.
Magnesium sulfateMgSO4Epsom Salt142.0420-26% (20°C)Green36Found at drug store as epsom salt or at photography store  as a chemical for photographic development.
Maleic acidC4H4O474.1220-40%(25°C)Green
Malonic acidC3H4O488.1050-40%(20°C)Green
Manganese dioxideMnO2PyrolusiteGreenFound at hardware store black powder.
Manganese(II) chlorideMnCl227.025Green
Manganese(II) sulfateMnSO478.0450-30%(20°C)Green
MercuryHgquicksilverBlueHazardous and difficult to find. May be found at hobby stores as quicksilver. Can be extracted from old mercury thermostats.
Mercury(II) chlorideHgCl220.006
Mercury(II) nitrateHg(NO3)2226.268
Mercury(II) sulfateHgSO4126.043
MethaneCH4Natural GasRedMay be extracted from cow farts if you have a long stick, a tight-wound clothespin, and the stomach for it.
MethanolCH3OHMethyl Alcohol294.1850-100% (15°C)RedFound at paint supply stores as a solvent under the names “wood alcohol” or “methyl alcohol” or at auto supply stores as a gasoline line anti-freeze.
Methyl acetateC3H6)228.0790-20%(20°C)Red
Methyl ethyl ketoneCH3COC2H5MEKRedFound at hardware stores.
Methyl ethyl ketone peroxideC8H16O4MEKPRedFound at hardware and boating supply stores in a dilute solution as a catalyst for the polymerization of polyester resins.
Methyl isobutyl ketoneCH3COCH2CH(CH3)2MIBKRedFound at hardware stores.
Methylene blueC16H18ClN3SMethidoteGreenFound at pet stores as a medicine to treat small injured fish.
Methylene chlorideCH2Cl2dichloromethaneBlueFound at up to 74% solutions in hardware, auto supply, and some craft stores as a solvent, degreaser and adhesive remover (e.g. Champion Paint Off, Klean Strip Graffiti Remover).
Methyl salicylateC6H4(OH)COOCH3Oil of WintergreenGreenFound at drug stores.
Mineral oilcomplex mixture of hydrocarbonsGreenFound at drug stores as an emollient or in some baby oils (likely contains fragrances).
Monosodium glutamateC5H8NO4Na“MSG”Found at Chinese or Japanese grocery stores as a condiment or at grocery stores as a “flavor enhancer”.
NaphthaleneC10H8moth ballsRedFound at hardware and grocery stores.
NickelNiBlueFound at welding supply stores as a welding filler material or in pre-1985 Canadian nickels.
Nickel chlorideNiCl234.0150-30%(18°C)Blue
Nickel nitrateNi(NO3)297.1810-35%(20°C)Yellow
Nickel sulfateNiSO4194.0500-18%(18°C)Blue
Nitric acidHNO3236.4210-100%(20°C)Yellow
NitrogenN2liquid nitrogenRedFound at hospital, laboratory, university, welding supply house, and industrial gas suppliers.
Nitrous oxideN2Owhipping gas, laughing gasRedFound at grocery store whipped cream canisters or restaurant supply houses.
Oxalic acidC2H2O4rust remover, non-chlorine bleach powder cleanser208.4740-10% (17.5°C)WhiteFound at hardware stores as radiator cleaner, “wood bleach powder”, rust remover, and as “Prestone Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner” (98%).
OxygenO2RedFound at welding shops and some hardware stores in portable welding oxygen tanks. Can be generated in small quantities from the electrolysis of water.
Para-dichlorobenzeneC6H4Cl2moth flakes, moth crystalsFound at hardware and grocery stores.
ParaffinCnH2n+2 (n>19)GreenFound at grocery stores as a sealant for home canning and at art supply stores as “wax” for candles.
Perchloric acidHCIO4110.9840-28%(15°C)
PhenolC6H5OH151.0010-5% (15°C)Red Stripe
PhenolphthaleinC20H14O4Green36Found at magic shops as a pinkish disappearing ink. Get I before it’s gone!
Phenol redC19H19SO5phenolsulfonephthaleinRed24Found at swimming pool supply stores as a pH tester.
Phosphoric acidH3PO4pH Down261.3370-100% (20°C)WhiteFound at pets stores as pH reducers in dilute solutions (30%). Found at hardware stores as rust remover or “Naval Jelly”. Found at hobby stores as solder flux.
Polystyrenecasting resinFound at hobby shops.
Polyurethane foamMountains in MinutesFound at hobby shops, hardware, or stores.
Potassium aluminum sulfateKAl(SO4)2Alum, aluminum potassium sulfateFound at natural health stores as a “deodorant stone”.
Potassium bicarbonateKHCO33105.1800-24%(15°C)Green
Potassium bitartrateKHC4H4O6Cream of TartarGreenFound at grocery stores as Cream of Tartar.
Potassium bromateKBrO399.994yellow
Potassium bromideKBr1105.920-40% (20°C)GreenFound at photography stores.
Potassium carbonateK2CO3Potash187.5560-50% (20°C)GreenFound at some  garden supply and agricultural stores.
Potassium chlorateKCIO3336.2060-4%(20°C)Yellow
Potassium chlorideKClSalt substitute175.9110-24% (20°C)GreenFound at grocery stores as a salt substitute and as a road de-icer.
Potassium chromateK2Cr04342.2960-30%(18°C)Blue36
Potassium cyanideKCN128.942Blue
Potassium chromium sulfateKCr(SO4)2potassium chrome alumFound at photography stores.
Potassium dichromateK2Cr2O7331.2100-10% (20°C)YellowFound at photography stores.
Potassium iron (ii) hexacyanoferrate(iii)KFe[Fe(CN)6]potassium iron ferricyanide, potassium ferroferricyanideFound at grocery stores as Mrs. Stewart’s liquid (to whiten clothes).
Potassium hydrogen phosphateK2HPO463.0130-8%(20°C)
Potassium hydroxideKOHCaustic potash100.1150-50% (15°C)Red (concentrated)Difficult to find. May be the active ingredient in some drain cleaning solutions.May be found at veterinary supply houses for dissolving hair and horns in animals.
Potassium iodateKIO3119.002Yellow
Potassium iodideKIRadiation Pills138.2060-55% (20°C)Green24Found at outdoor stores as a pill form to avoid the uptake of radioactive iodine during a nuclear accident.
Potassium metabisulfiteK2S3O5Campden tabletsMay be found at stores that cater to winemaking and brewing processes.
Potassium nitrateKNO3Saltpeter, saltpetre60.0950-24% (20°C)YellowFound at grocery store as saltpeter or quick salt (to cure corned beef). Found at gardening stores as fertilizer, tree stump remover, and root killer.
Potassium nitriteKNO2311.799Yellow
Potassium permanganateKMnO4Clearwater105.9880-6% (20°C)YellowMay be found at aquarium stores in 50% solution called Clearwater or in hardware stores in 98% solution for treatment of hard well water (acts as a softener).
Potassium sulfateK2SO4128.1080-10%(20°C)Green
Potassium sulfideK2S110.262RedMay ignite on contact with air.
Potassium sulfiteK2SO382.0790-26%(15°C)
Potassium sodium tartrateNaKC4H4O6Rochelle saltGreenFound at drug stores.
PropaneC3H8RedFound at picnic supply stores as barbeque fuel.
Propanol (propan-2-ol)CH3CHOHCH3rubbing alcohol228.0650-100% (20°C)RedFound at drug stores as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) in a fairly concentrate form.
Silicon carbideSiCCarborundumFound at industrial supply houses as a hard, abrasive powder for use in sandblasting.
Silicon dioxideSiO2Sand, silicaFound at building supply and aquarium stores as quartz sand. Found at hobby shops as mold making material or filler for rubbers and plastics under the name Min-u-Sil brand.  Found in silica desiccant packets found in many sealed food envelopes, electronics boxes, and other packaging.
Silver (dust)AgBlueFound at gold and silver coin shops as silver coins (74%) and bullion, often at bullion value.
Silver nitrateAgNO3120.1760-40%(20°C)Yellow24
Silver sulfateAg2SO4141.959Green
Sodium acetateNaC2H3O2Hand Warmer342.1510-28% (20°C)GreenFound at sporting goods stores in hand-warmers. Can also be made through the reaction of baking soda and vinegar.
Sodium borateNa2B4O7GreenFound at grocery stores in diluted solution of Borax. Can be made pure by heating to 200C (note: it will begin absorbing moisture when cooled if left in open).
Sodium bicarbonateNaHCO3Baking Soda, Bicarbonate of SodaGreen24Found at grocery store as “single action baking soda”. Note: there’s a difference in baking soda and baking powder.  Baking powder has other ingredients.  Also, Double action baking powder contains corn starch.
Sodium bisulfateNaHSO4pH DownGreenFound at pool supply store as Crystal Vanish drain cleaner.
Sodium bromideNaBrHot Tub SaltGreenFound at pool supply stores.
Sodium carbonateNa2CO3Washing soda, soda ash90.6090-14% (20°C)GreenFound at grocery store as washing soda and at pool supply stores as PH Up and PH Plus (used to raise pH).  Can be made by backing Sodium Bicarbonate (backing soda) at 350 degrees.
Sodium chlorateNaClO346.0680-34% (18°C)YellowFound at gardening and agricultural stores as a herbicide (e.g. Atlacide, Defol, Drop-Leaf, and Tumbleaf).  Check label for potential impurities.
Sodium chlorideNaClSalt162.2040-26% (20°C)Green24Found at grocery store as table salt possibly with magnesium carbonate (as a anti-caking agent) and sodium iodide impurities.  Uniodized salt will generally be more pure.
Sodium chromateNa2Cr)4325.2880-26%(18°C)
Sodium fluorideNaFBlueDifficult to obtain in pure form. May be found at dental supply stores.
Sodium hexametaphosphate(NaPO3)6Sodium polymetaphosphate, Calgon water softenerGreenFound at grocery store as primary ingredient of Calgon water softener. Found under other names including: glassy sodium, Graham’s Salt, and hexasodium salt.
Sodium hydroxideNaOHLye, Caustic Soda167.0000-50% (20°C)White StripeFound at grocery and hardware stores as caustic soda and lye.
Sodium hypochloriteNaClOBleachGreenFound at grocery store in diluted form as household bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite).
Sodium nitrateNaNO3Chile saltpeter110.1110-45% (20°C)YellowFound at garden supply stores.
Sodium nitriteNaNO282.0340-20%(15°C)Yellow
Sodium metabisulfiteNa2S2O5Campden tabletsGreenFound at winemaking or brewing stores as a sterilizing agent in the brewing processes. Check label for impurities.
Sodium percarbonate2Na2CO3sodium carbonate peroxyhydrateMay be found at hardware stores as wood bleach (for decks and outdoor wood furniture). May be labeled “oxygenated bleach”.
Sodium phosphateNa3PO4Tri Sodium Phosphate324.6000-8% (20°C)GreenFound at hardware stores as Tri-sodium phosphate, commonly known as TSP (used to clean walls prior to painting).
Disodium phosphateNa2HPO4pH DownGreenFound at pet stores and used to lower the pH of aquarium water.
Sodium silicateNa2SiO3, Na2Si3O7water glass, egg preserver, magic rocksGreenMay be found at hardware stores, drug and ceramic stpres as a flocculent in clay slip casting.
Sodium sulfateNa2SO4211.6300-24% (20°C)GreenMay be found at photography stores.
Sodium sulfideNa2S76.1210-18%(18°C)Red Stripe
Sodium sulfiteNa2SO3150.0870-18% (19°C)GreenMay be found at photography stores.
Sodium tetraborate decahydrateNa2B4O710H2OBoraxGreenMay be found at drug store as Borax (e.g. Twenty-Mule-Team Borax Laundry Booster).
Sodium thiosulfateNa2S2O3Hypo89.0930-40% (20°C)Green18Found at photography stores and pet shops as a de-chlorination additive to fish water.
Stearic acidC17H35CO2Hcandle hardenerGreenMay be found in arts and crafts stores.
Strontium chlorideSrCl274.1220-36%(20°C)Green
Strontium nitrateSr(NO3)2342.296Yellow
Strontium sulfateSrSO4183.683
SteelFe alloyed with C and depending on type, possibly also Ni, B, V, Cr among othersGalvanised wire, nail (fasteners), stainless steel, ball bearings, steel woolPure steel is difficult to find and carbon content will vary widely.  Many impurities including nickel, silicon, boron, zinc, etc. May have to make do with galvanized or stainless steel materials such as nails, screws, tools, steel wool, bearings, steel wire, etc.
SucroseC12H22O11SugarGreenFound at grocer store as table sugar.
Sulfur (sulphur)SGreenMay be found at garden stores as “flowers of sulfur” (to treat plant diseases) or as “Organic Garden sulfur”. May be found at drug stores.
Sulfuric acidH2SO4vitriol, oil of vitriol74.0930-100% (20°C)White24Found at hardware stores as battery acid, at plumbing supply stores as a buffered solution (e.g. “Pro Liquid Drain Cleaner”) or at a pet supply store as a diluted solution used to lower pH in aquariums.
Sulfurous acidH2SO3128.088
Tannic acidC76H52O46tanninBlueFound in arts and crafts stores in dyes and fabric section.
Tartaric acidC4H6O6wine preservative136.1410-56% (15°C)GreenMay be found at wine-making supply stores.
TetrachloroethyleneC2Cl4tetrachloroetheneBlueMay be found at hardware, auto supply, and home improvement stores in aerosol form under brands such as “Lectra Motive Auto Care” and “Gummout Professional Brake Parts Cleaner” (99% pure).
ThymolphthaleinC28H30O4disappearing inkGreenFound at magic supply stores as blue disappearing ink. Get it before it’s gone!
Tin(II) chlorideSnCl2241.8600-65%(15°C)
Tin(IV) chlorideSnCl4399.8780-28%(15°C)
Titanium dioxideTiO2Titanium WhiteFound at art supply stores as a fine powder for use as a pure white pigment.
1,1,1 trichloroethaneCCl3CH3cleaning fluid, degreaserGreenFound at hardware stores.
1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethaneCF3CH2FGreen
ThioureaCS(NH2)2ThiocarbamideBlueFound in hardware stores as silver cleaning products such as Hagerty and Tarn-X. Check label for potential inactive ingredients (impurities).
TolueneC6H5CH3Methylbenzene, cellulose thinnerRedFound at hardware stores as a solvent.
Town gasA mixture mainly consists of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methaneNil.Found in urban area. Carbon monoxide can be removed from the mixture by passing the gas through large quantity of citrated chicken blood while chanting voodoo prayers.
TrichloroethyleneCHClCCl2trichloroetheneBlueFound at hardware and auto supply stores as a near pure aerosol under brand names such “Lectra Clean” and “Trouble Free Rust Buster”.
TungstenWGreenFound at welding supply stores as TIG electrodes. Also found in most incandescent light bulbs (the filament is made of tungsten).
TurpentineRedFound at hardware stores and fine art supply stores.
UreaH2NCONH2ice melter, fertilizer, carbamide189.3740-46% (20°C)GreenMay be found at  hardware stores and at garden supply stores as “Bonide Azalea” fertilizer (99% urea).
WaterH2OGreenFound at grocery stores as distilled (pure) water. This and “deionized” water are sufficient for most chemical reactions.
XyleneC8H10dimethylbenzeneRedFound at hardware stores, paint stores, and fine art supply stores.
Zinc (powder)ZnzincRed Stripe
Zinc bromideZnBr2154.9960-65%(20°C)
Zinc chlorideZnClfTinner’s Fluid, “killed acid”74.0780-28% (20°C)WhiteFound at hardware stores for cleaning copper. Can be created by dissolving a small amount of zinc in hydrochloric acid.
Zinc nitrateZn(NO3)2165.8730-50% (18°C)White
Zinc oxideZnOpompholyxGreenFound at fine arts stores as “Chinese White” fine arts pigment.
Zinc sulfateZnSO4zinc sulfate98.0780-16% (20°C)GreenFound at hardware and garden stores as “Moss Killer” for use on roofs and concrete.

Safety warning

Remember, carefully label your chemicals and store according to color code!  The Hazard Diamond (see below) can also be used to easily identify chemical properties on stored chemicals.

Hazard Diamond for easy identification of chemical properties on stored chemicals