Chicken like dinosaur anzu wyliei

Scientists have just discovered a new dinosaur and this one is a supersized chicken-like reptile.  Reeko calls it Chickzilla but the scientists with no sense of humor have named it Anzu wyliei (to give them credit, they did laughingly call it “the chicken from hell”). This bad boy has sharp claws but a pointy toothless beak which means it would probably grab you with those knife-like fingers and then stand there and stare at you, wondering it should do with you.

This is the second-largest feathered dinosaur to be found and is the largest birdlike dinosaur in North America.  Scientists think it roamed the earth about 66 million years ago – the same time period when Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops were romping about.  No eggs were found so that question still remains open…