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Here’s why some people get bitten by mosquitoes more than others.

It’s true. Mosquitoes prefer biting some people over others and now scientists know why. As it turns out, about 20% of people are especially yummy to mosquitoes. Here’s why. Mosquitoes smell carbon dioxide Mosquitoes find victims by smelling carbon dioxide. They can smell it from across a large yard. People who exhale more carbon dioxide than others become targets. This is why children, who breathe smaller breaths, are bitten less often than adults. Mosquitoes prefer dark colors Just as we see with human beings, to a mosquito, certain colors stand out more than others. If you wear black, dark blue, or red, mosquitoes will swarm your way. Mosquitoes smell lactic acid Mosquitoes can also smell lactic acid, the chemical excreted when you exercise. They also…
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How about a list of chemicals, formulas, safety codes, and where to find chems close to home!

When conducting chemistry experiments, it's helpful to have in hand a list of chemical names, their chemical formula, storage code, and mass and density.  Also, since many chemicals are known by alternate names, and often found in local retailers such as hardware stores, grocery stores, or plant stores, a list that reveals the common name behind these chemicals can save you a lot of money.  Reeko has you covered!  Click here for a complete chemical list you can use as a reference when conducting chemistry experiments, shopping for chemical supplies, and storing chemical at home. If you find a missing chemical that you would like added, shoot Reeko an email and he'll add it to the list.
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