Chemical Reactions

Make a Christmas-time glitter globe (aka snow globe)

In this science experiment we will mix molecules to make a glitter globe ( a "snow globe"). We will combine rubbing alcohol, vegetable oil, and a few other tiny, shiny things to make a cool science toy. How to make a glitter globe Fill a clear plastic or glass bottle 1/4 full of rubbing alcohol. Add one drop of food coloring if you want to give the liquid mix some color (and make it easier to differentiate the alcohol layer from the layer of oil that we will add next).Note: if you want to use your snow globe for decorative purposes, skip the food coloring altogether. Fill the remainder of the bottle with baby or vegetable oil (the oil will sit on top of the alcohol).  Leave…
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The ‘Am I Dense’ experiment

The 'Am I Dense' experiment In our floating experiment, we touched on the topics of buoyancy. But in reality, flotation is also affected by other scientific principles as well. Here, let Reeko Pour one-third cup of syrup into the glass jar. Now pour one-third cup of cooking oil into the jar. Finally, pour one-third cup of water into the jar. Let the contents settle for a few minutes. Drop a piece of plastic, a grape, and a small cork into the liquid. Notice how the objects you dropped in settle down to different layers of the mixture. The liquids have different densities. The most dense (syrup) will be at the bottom, the least dense (oil) will be at the top, with the water in between.…
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