Wonderful, beautiful, striking pictures of ice that look like works of art

Water, frozen into a solid state - we see it on the ground in the winter, on top of mountains, and in our refrigerators – but how often have you thought about how marvelous ice is? In our Solar System, ice is abundant and found naturally on most of the planets. On Earth, it plays a key role in our water cycle and climate. And yes, it can be beautiful! Check out the pictorial gallery below for wonderfully striking images of ice sculptures found all around us.  Click on a picture to start the gallery.

World’s largest canyon discovered under Antarctic ice sheet – dwarfs Grand Canyon in size

We know little about lies beneath the vast expanse of ice in Antarctica but researchers this week announced two new findings that boggle the mind – analysis of satellite imagery reveals that underneath Princess Elizabeth Land in East Antarctica, lies a hidden world  containing a canyon as deep and twice as long as the Grand Canyon and a massive subglacial lake estimated to be about 775 square miles in area. Scientists first spotted signs of the canyon using satellite imagery. They then used radio-echo waves sent through the ice to confirm that a canyon did indeed exist, unseen, several miles beneath the ice. The canyon is believed to be over 600 miles long and in places, more than half-a-mile deep.   Researchers think the landscape underneath the ice sheet was carved

Check out the remarkable photos of hikers walking on crystal-clear lake ice

38-year-old Slovak hiker Tomas Nanuk made a short video of him and his friends walking across the crystal clear ice of an incredible frozen lake while hiking up Slovakia’s High Tatras mountain range. Showing hikers who look like they’re walking on thin air, the video, titled "Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains," was posted on YouTube last week. Reeko’s included a few screen shots from the video in the pictorial below. It is believed the hikers were crossing the Velke Hincovo Pleso lake. One Slovakian explained that the unusual clear condition of the ice is created when temperatures fall from being relatively mild to very cold very quickly. With no recent snows, the ice being relatively thin, and the shallow depth of the lake, the frozen

Skating on thin ice pressure experiment

Skating on thin ice   Pressure - you feel it at school, your teacher feels it during class (yes, a room full of little scientists can be stressful for some teachers), and your dad feels pressure when Mom asks him for the tenth time to take out the trash. Here's an interesting experiment that demonstrates a different kind of pressure - the forces of scientific pressure and how it can affect other objects. Place the corked bottle on a table. It helps if the bottle has a small neck. Balance an ice cube on the cork. Cut off a 12 inch section of wire. Tie two hammers or other heavy objects to both ends of the wire. Balance the wire across the middle of the ice cube. How