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How to set up up a home chemistry lab – equipment, chemical storage, and safety tips for your lab

  Introduction It’s not difficult to set up a chemistry lab. Chemistry equipment is quite affordable and more expensive equipment ( > $30) can be purchased piece-by-piece until your home laboratory is complete.  Below is everything you need to know about setting up a home chemistry lab including a complete list of suggested laboratory equipment for your chemistry lab, chemicals for your lab and how to obtain them, and how to safely organize and store chemicals in your lab. Chemistry lab equipment The following is a list of chemistry lab equipment found in a functional chemistry lab.  Clicking on the image will take you to Reeko's recommended product on Amazon.  Reeko earns revenue on each item purchased through Amazon which is how he affords to live in a giant mansion in…
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Top Ten ways (plus 1) to get kicked out of the Lab

Ways to Get Kicked Out of a Lab Every so often, Reeko hears this question.  "But Reeko, I don't like science.  I'm perfectly happy working behind the counter of a fast food restaurant until I'm 85 years old.  How can I get out of this horrible lab work!" So here are 11 different ways to get kicked out of a Science Pretend an electron got stuck in your ear and insist on describing the sound to everyone else in the lab. Give a cup of liquid Nitrogen to a lab mate and say, "Does this taste funny?" Explain to the teacher that you want to drop out of Chemistry because when you write the 3 atoms of Potassium as "KKK", you find it politically incorrect.…
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