liquid detergent

Yep, you heard right. Make a homemade tornado

[sc:commonscripts] This tornado experiment will blow you away! A tornado is a powerful, twisting windstorm (now that really does sound like Dad, doesn't it). The winds of a tornado are the most violent winds that occur on the earth. They whirl around the center of the storm at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour (and that's faster than Dad running to the bathroom during a commercial break). A tornado is a rotating funnel cloud that extends downward from a mass of dark clouds. Some funnels do not reach the earth. Others may strike the surface of the earth, withdraw into the dark clouds above, and then dip down and strike the earth again. In this science experiment, we are going to recreate a tornado -

Frightened run-away pepper

Frightened run-away pepper We all know how glue or tape can be used to stick two objects together. These adhesives cause the two objects to cohere (or adhere) together. Cohesion is the word for this sticking force. Cohesion also occurs on common everyday objects - rain to a car's windows, dust to the ceiling fan, chewing gum on Mom's carpet. This experiment demonstrates cohesion in an interesting situation - and Mom's carpet stays looking as good as new! Fill a dish with water. Sprinkle some pepper on top of the water. Now drop several drops of dishwashing detergent in the center of the water. Pretty cool, huh. What happens to the pepper? Notice how the effect only occurs in the middle of the water. The pepper stays scattered all about the

Look out, she’s gonna blow!

The infamous baking soda volcano experiment Now we're going to get a little messy. In this experiment we build a real working volcano. After mixing just the right amount of ingredients together, we'll add the final item to make our volcano 'blow its top' spewing red lava down the sides.  Yes, this is the famous “Baking Soda Volcano” experiment - found exclusively at Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab (and on the websites of the millions of Reeko’s minion slaves). First we need to create the 'salt dough'. Mix 6 cups flour, 2 cups salt, 4 tablespoons cooking oil, and 2 cups of water in a large bowl. Work the ingredients with your hands until smooth and firm. Add more water to the mixture if needed. Stand the soda bottle

Elephant Toothpaste

Help an elephant with those 9-pound molars So you don’t want to be a kid and instead want to be an elephant because Reeko said elephants never have to brush their teeth? Well Reeko has news for you – there’s a lot more differences between kids and elephants than just their teeth. If you don’t believe that, try picking one up. Imagine being an elephant and always loosing at hide and seek. Even when dressed in yellow and disguised as a banana they are easy to find in a crowd. They are large, gray, and wrinkly. And when they do brush their teeth – well, those are 9 pound molars they have to deal with. Now that we have your elephant yearnings out of the way,