Have you lost your marbles?

Have you lost your marbles? Sound surrounds us all the time.  You may awaken in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock or Dad snoring.  During the day you may hear the cacophony of auto traffic or the hustle and bustle of city life.  But all sounds have one thing in common.   They are formed by the movement or vibration of an object. The sounds we hear every day are formed by the vibration or movement of air.   Basically what happens is sound makes tiny particles in the air, called molecules, bump into each other.  The molecules bump into each other compressing and then expanding to cause the wave to move like a falling column of dominos.  This vibration of molecules is passed…
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Moving Magical Marbles with More Momentum than Most

Moving Magical Marbles with More Momentum than Most Inertia means that a rolling ball on a smooth, level surface will roll forever if nothing stops it. In fact, friction and air pushing against the moving ball will eventually bring it to a stop. But interesting things happen when a motionless object gets in the way of a moving one. Try this experiment and see for yourself. Tape the yardsticks to a tabletop so they're parallel and about 1/2 inch apart (if you are under 5 then we feel compelled to remind you that mom and dad will not appreciate the artistic appeal of 2 yardsticks glued to the kitchen table). Put 2 marbles in the middle of the sticks (our 'track') a few inches apart.…
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