milky way galaxy

Earth is a lot closer to the center of the universe, and a massive black hole, than originally thought.

Astronomers just completed a new model of the Milky Way Galaxy that is the most accurate depiction of our galaxy to date. The new model revealed a couple of unexpected twists. Because Earth is inside the Milky Way Galaxy, we have no way to "step out" of the galaxy to see what it looks like from the outside. Instead, astronomers study the motion and measurements of objects around us to get a picture of what our galaxy looks like. To begin, scientists used a technique known as interferometry to combine data from dozens of radio telescopes across Japan. This combination of data achieves the same result as a telescope 1,429 miles wide! Then scientists use this data to create a 3D map of our galaxy. The results of

Jaw-dropping photo of Milky Way, Northern Lights, and erupting volcano – all in one picture!

Although taken individually, the events are not all that uncommon but when they’re all captured in the same photograph, it’s mind-boggling. This photograph taken by Maciej Winiarczyk is believed to be the first time someone has photographed the Milky Way, Northern Lights, and an erupting volcano – all in the same jaw-dropping picture! Maciej Winiarczyk, from Caithness, Scotland, was at Jokulsarlon Lagoon in Iceland when he took the amazing picture of the Bardarbunga volcano erupting on October 21, 2014 (the Bardarbunga volcano is Iceland’s largest in over 200 years and it's still going today). At the same time, the angle of the photograph allowed him to squeeze the Milky Way into the picture. The addition of the glorious lights of the Aurora Borealis, which were exposed

How big is space? New facts from NASA about the El Gordo galaxy cluster blow our mind.

A visitor to the lab once asked Reeko how big space was and the lab tour had to be cancelled. In short, Reeko answered with “really, really, really big” but what he really did was add a bunch of “reallys” to make the point that space was “really big”. There were so many “reallys” that after about 20 minutes, the visitors got anxious (one thought Reeko was having a “spell”) and the entire tour had to be called off for the day. For kids that have visited the lab, this explains why the sign at the entrance says “Be curious – ask any question you want (except for how big space is)”. Fact is, space is really, really big with about oh, one thousand “reallys” in