Good, good, good vibrations – sound and vibrations experiment

Good, good, good vibrations Sound is actually nothing more than moving air and the way we perceive that moving air with our ears. Now you may be saying "Wait a minute sound is made by moving air?". Sure.  Think about it.  Your dad moves a lot of air - right?  And he makes a nasty sound when he moves it - yes?  Let Reeko Cut off a piece of two foot string (2'). Using a rubber band, attach a metal spoon to the midpoint of the string. Wrap the ends of the string around your fingers. Rest your fingers in your ears (don't stick 'em in too far or you'll poke your brains out!). Standing next to a table, rock your body back and forth…
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Strange acting goop

Making Oobleck, the strange goop with amazing properties Ever had a hot, steaming cup of Oobleckh? Geez, I hope not. The stuff is nasty! But it does exhibit some interesting Put one and one half (1 1/2) cup of cornstarch into the bowl. Add one cup of water. Mix well. Slowly dip your finger into the gooey mixture. Feels liquidy? Grab some in your hand and pour it back into the bowl. Now, try slapping it hard with your hand or a heavy spoon. What happens? Why? The molecules in ooblekh (sometimes spelled oobleck) are very large compared to, for instance, molecules of water. When slapped quickly, they tangle themselves up preventing any splattering. In this way the mixture behaves more like a solid.  When…
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