optical illusions

More unusual optical illusions will blow your mind

If last week’s optical illusions didn’t blow your mind then this week’s illusions will surely finish you off.  Below is the second part of our collection of mind-blowing optical illusions including an explanation of the “spinning woman” optical illusion that so many readers argued with Reeko about. Spinning woman (explained) Come on guys, do you really think Reeko would put up a picture that was wrong?  Per the deluge of email reported by the lab monkeys last week, here's a three-part picture of the spinning lady optical illusion which should convince you.  See - she spins both ways! (and tell your teacher there are only fourteen shades of gray in the background, not fifty).     Moving train – which direction is it moving? If you stare at this optical illusion

Unusual optical illusions will blow your mind

Below are a few mind-bending optical illusions that demonstrate how our minds can visually perceive an image that differs from reality. In these instances, the information gathered by your eye is processed incorrectly by your brain.  Don't feel stupid if you are fooled - it's only an optical illusion. Different shades of gray? Ask your teacher if the shades of gray on the squares below are different or the same.  If she says they are different then whoop with excitement –  you are smarter than your teacher.  They are actually the same exact shade of gray  (if she says, “Why yes, there are fifty shades of gray” then move slowly away from her desk without making any sudden movements or drawing attention to yourself).     Different sized cars? The cars