The evolution of a spider (or not) – science and religion battle over Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

What is the Theory of Evolution? Being a prominent (ahem) member of the scientific community, Reeko has a lot of scientist friends.  Reeko knows that the thing that bugs scientists more than anything, is when people don’t believe their theories (well, that and burning lab coats). And when it comes to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, scientists treat it almost like a religion. On the flip side, some religions have a big problem with the scientists’ Theory of Evolution making the whole subject of “natural selection” a huge heated debate between scientists and religious groups. Scientists theorize that humans evolved from single cells to fish to monkeys. Some religious groups, called creationists, take offense at this proposal saying it’s silly to think that people magically grew, over…
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Recycling Newspaper

Recycling Newspaper Everyone knows recycling is good for our environment but do you know how the recycling process is actually done? In this experiment, we'll recycle a newspaper into nice, neat little sheets of fresh paper. Gather up several sheets of old newspaper.  If you're having trouble finding suitable newspaper, check Dad's bathroom (leave the sports pages and he’ll never notice it is missing). Take the newspaper and tear it into little pieces. Place the pieces of paper in a blender. Add hot water and let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes. Turn on the blender and blend the paper mixture up real well. Bend the coat hanger to form a somewhat round loop. Cover the hanger loop with an old nylon stocking.  This…
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Chemical Reactions

Blow up balloon

Blow up balloon with baking soda and vinegar When vinegar is mixed with baking soda, a double replacement reaction takes place. The end result is carbon dioxide but behind the scenes, there is more than one reaction taking place. Put a tablespoon of backing soda on to the center of a paper towel. Fold the paper towel over the baking soda a few times. The objective is to create a “time release” mechanism for our reaction. Pour ½ cup vinegar into a plastic bag. Pour ¼ cup warm water into the back with the vinegar. Hold the baking soda filled paper towel in the mouth of the plastic bag by pinching the sides to hold it. Don’t let the paper towel touch the solution yet.…
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