Make a homemade Lava Lamp experiment

Make a homemade Lava Lamp Lava lamps were very popular in the 1970’s. For some reason, your parents thought it was very fun to sit there and watch colorful liquid in a bottle swirl aimlessly around. They probably even chanted “Oh wow, the colors, the colors.” They became popular again a few years ago but as we know, kids today are much smarter, and thought that lava lamps were cool because they knew they demonstrated the scientific principles of immiscible liquids (liquids that just won’t mix). In this science experiment, we’ll create a real working lava lamp and explain to your parents why they really should be thought of as cool. Fill a glass jar with 3 inches of water or until it is 2/3 full

Floating eggs in salt water experiment

Floating eggs in salt water Density is a measure of how much matter takes up a certain amount of space or volume. The more matter you can pack into a certain space, the denser it is. Although we often confused the two, density and weight are actually two different measurements. Weight is defined as the mass of an object times the force of gravity. In our world where we have gravity forcing things downward, a denser object will be heavier too. Clear as mud? Well, let’s do this experiment and at least make it as clear as, err… salt water. Since density is defined as how much matter takes up a certain amount of volume, we can take ordinary water, add salt to it, and make it

Spineless potatoes

Osmosis in the cosmosis In this science experiment we will introduce you to a principle called osmosis. Using simple household items we will demonstrate what osmosis is and how it works. Fill both of the dishes with water. Slice the potato lengthwise into several pieces that each have two flat sides (get Mom or Dad to help you with this step). Add about two tablespoons of salt to one of the dishes. Put half of the pieces in the dish that contains plain water. Put the other half of the pieces in the dish that contains the salt water. Let the potatoes soak for 20 minutes.  If Dad assisted on step 2 then this would be a good time to go fetch the Band-Aids and help Dad patch up any resulting wounds. Compare

Burning through Money experiment (or is it a magic trick?)

Burning through Money In this experiment, we’ll freak Dad out by setting a five-dollar bill on fire and laughing madly as it burns. The flames will mysteriously snuff themselves out and the five-dollar bill will be left unharmed. Hmmmm… Is this science or magic? Well, given the name of this website we all know that it is pure science but we’ll tell Dad it’s magic just to see his eyes go big. Oh yeah, and we’ll tell you how to make $20 extra dollars in the deal too… Before we begin, ask your Dad for a five-dollar bill and a twenty-dollar bill. Tell him the twenty-dollar bill is insurance to ensure the five-dollar bill does not get harmed. Tuck the twenty-dollar bill into your pocket. If Dad cocks an eye

Amazing melting properties of salt

How and why salt melts ice Ever wonder why people pour salt on icy sidewalks to make the snow melt? Usually the result is a big pile of slush made of melted snow and ice crystals. And why do the lakes and streams freeze over solid while the ocean always remains flowing? Is there something magical about salt? Are there other uses for salt other than flavoring our food and raising our blood pressure? Let's try this experiment and see for ourselves. Test #1: Take 2 cups of water. Place about a tablespoon of salt in one of the cups. Place both cups in the freezer. Check each cup about every 10 minutes. Can you guess which one will freeze first?   Test #2: Now grab a ice cube out of the freezer. Place the