Black snow falls in Siberia – and it’s toxic and dangerous to the people who live there.

In early 2019, black snow fell from the sky in several towns in the Siberian region of Kuzbass. About million people live in the area. Most work in the area’s coal fields which are the world’s largest. Scientists say the snow is tainted with black coal dust that has been released from the area’s coal pits – and this isn’t the first time black snow fell from the sky. In fact, it’s a common occurrence in the area. One resident told reporters: “It’s harder to find white snow than black snow during the winter. There is a lot of coal dust in the air all the time. When snow falls, it just becomes visible. You can’t see it the rest of the year, but it…
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Wonderful, beautiful, striking pictures of ice that look like works of art

Water, frozen into a solid state - we see it on the ground in the winter, on top of mountains, and in our refrigerators – but how often have you thought about how marvelous ice is? In our Solar System, ice is abundant and found naturally on most of the planets. On Earth, it plays a key role in our water cycle and climate. And yes, it can be beautiful! Check out the pictorial gallery below for wonderfully striking images of ice sculptures found all around us.  Click on a picture to start the gallery.
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