Animal Kingdom

Monster? Sea Serpent? Alien? No- it’s a rare creature from the deep – the terrifying frilled shark

Wait – sit back down! It’s not an alien nor closet ghost but yeah, with 25 rows of over 300 teeth it could tear off your face. The picture above is a rare frilled shark that was caught by a startled fisherman in Australia. Its oversized-mouth is packed with needle-like teeth and the shark's weird-looking 6-foot body looks like an eel’s giving it a bizarre sea-serpent-like appearance. The frilled shark, which gets its name from its six pairs of gills, is known to live at extreme depths in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and is very infrequently caught, or even observed, by fishermen. Its prehistoric origins are obvious (it's been termed a "living fossil") and it’ll scare senseless any fisherman that accidentally snags one.  After changing…
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Science Tips

Elephant teeth – everything you ever wanted to know about Elephant’s teeth

So be honest with Reeko. How many times have your parents told you to go brush your teeth? Six time today ?!?! We all know that brushing your teeth is needed to keep your teeth healthy and white. If you were an elephant though, healthy teeth would not be a problem. Elephants simply grow new teeth. Most mammals, including humans, are born with a set of "baby teeth" that are used for practice runs before a full set of permanent teeth grow in. The permanent teeth that replace them are used for the remainder of their lives. Elephants however, go through six sets of 9lb teeth during their lifetimes, with new teeth growing in to replace old ones that have worn out. An elephants starts…
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