New temporary tattoo makes electricity from sweat (but only makes you cool temporarily)

Like marriage, tattoos often seem like a good idea at the time. But teens often fail to realize that the cool barbed wire tattoo is going to be little more than a picket fence when they get old. Now you can get a temporary tattoo that eventually wears off (hopefully by the time you have to go out and get a job) and serves a useful purpose while you wait for it to disappear. Researchers at the University of California San Diego have designed a sensor which can be imprinted onto temporary tattoo paper and when affixed to a person’s arm, can not only monitor a person’s progress during exercise, but generates electricity from the person’s sweat. The sensors works by detecting lactate, which is…
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Yay, vampires are real! Wait, OMG, vampires are real!

Uh oh, this can’t be good. Two different sets of scientists released some pretty amazing news on Sunday. Seems that transfusing the blood of a young mouse into an old mouse can improve the old mouse's mental and physical capabilities. In other words, the scientists reversed aging in the muscles and brains of old mice simply by running the blood of young mice through their veins. Yes, vampires have had it right all along. Researchers at both Harvard and the University of California reached the same conclusion by taking the protein GDF11 from the blood of young mice and pumping it through a few old-timers. What they saw amazed them. Despite an eerie glazed look on their pale faces, the old mice could run longer…
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