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Explore Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab (if you dare).

Push the video games to the side and explore the good, old-fashioned way - by reading! Here's Reeko's first text-based exploration game. Make your way through Reeko's dangerous lab in a search for Reeko himself. Pay attention to everything you see (read) though - clues are everywhere (including in this introduction). Explore Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Here’s a fun trick – but be forewarned – it’s gonna freak you out.

Stare at the red dot on the woman's nose for 30 seconds. Then look at a blank wall and blink repeatedly. Whoa! Sit back down and calm your heart. It's only science (see explanation below). This optical illusion uses a negative image of a woman's head. If you stare at the dots for about 15 seconds, then look at a blank wall, you'll see a full-color image of the same picture (well, at least most people will see it. Those with cosmic superhero eyes will just see right through the wall). Why does this happen? This illusion is known as a negative afterimage. Our eyes have cone cells called ganglion cells that help us see pairs of primary colors. We have channels in our eyes for black

This woman can sing two musical notes at same time (which freaks Reeko out) [VIDEO]

Singer Anne-Maria Hefele can sing two notes at the same time and the result is nothing short of amazing (Reeko says freaky). The otherworldly sounds (Reeko calls them spooky) that she makes are created by moving the fundamental and overtones in opposite directions. She makes these wonderful sounds (Reeko thinks they’re creepy) by shaping her mouth and throat and positioning her tongue to change the path of air as it travels from her lungs past her vocal chords. This type of singing is called throat singing or polyphonic overtone singing. And for those little scientists who are wondering – she is not an alien nor a freak of nature. She has trained her voice to do this! Woman sings two notes at same time (throat singing)   The “fundamental” tone

More unusual optical illusions will blow your mind

If last week’s optical illusions didn’t blow your mind then this week’s illusions will surely finish you off.  Below is the second part of our collection of mind-blowing optical illusions including an explanation of the “spinning woman” optical illusion that so many readers argued with Reeko about. Spinning woman (explained) Come on guys, do you really think Reeko would put up a picture that was wrong?  Per the deluge of email reported by the lab monkeys last week, here's a three-part picture of the spinning lady optical illusion which should convince you.  See - she spins both ways! (and tell your teacher there are only fourteen shades of gray in the background, not fifty).     Moving train – which direction is it moving? If you stare at this optical illusion

Unusual optical illusions will blow your mind

Below are a few mind-bending optical illusions that demonstrate how our minds can visually perceive an image that differs from reality. In these instances, the information gathered by your eye is processed incorrectly by your brain.  Don't feel stupid if you are fooled - it's only an optical illusion. Different shades of gray? Ask your teacher if the shades of gray on the squares below are different or the same.  If she says they are different then whoop with excitement –  you are smarter than your teacher.  They are actually the same exact shade of gray  (if she says, “Why yes, there are fifty shades of gray” then move slowly away from her desk without making any sudden movements or drawing attention to yourself).     Different sized cars? The cars

Top Ten ways (plus 1) to get kicked out of the Lab

Ways to Get Kicked Out of a Lab Every so often, Reeko hears this question.  "But Reeko, I don't like science.  I'm perfectly happy working behind the counter of a fast food restaurant until I'm 85 years old.  How can I get out of this horrible lab work!" So here are 11 different ways to get kicked out of a Science Lab... Pretend an electron got stuck in your ear and insist on describing the sound to everyone else in the lab. Give a cup of liquid Nitrogen to a lab mate and say, "Does this taste funny?" Explain to the teacher that you want to drop out of Chemistry because when you write the 3 atoms of Potassium as "KKK", you find it politically incorrect. Mutter repeatedly, "No, not again