How does the COVID-19 vaccine work? How does it differ from the flu vaccine? Is it safe?

Today the first person in the United States received a COVID-19 vaccination, a vaccine intended to prevent the coronavirus infection. This vaccine is a light at the end of the tunnel, a hope that the pandemic can be stopped. It's practically a miracle that it was developed so fast. Typically vaccines take years to develop. In fact, the quickest any vaccine was developed was 4 years (mumps, 1967). The COVID-19 vaccine was developed in less than a year. How did scientists create the vaccine in record time? How a normal flu vaccine is developed Vaccines, like the one you get for the flu, inject lifeless (inactivated) virus particles into the body. These particles trick the body into thinking it's being infected by the real virus. The body reacts

Optical illusion – the Blue and Black Dress (or the white and gold dress?)

You may find this surprising but to some crazy people, the dress above appears to be black and blue. To other, more rational, sane people, the dress appears to be white and gold. The intense debate over the color of the White and Gold Dress has taken the Internet by storm as families and friends argue over the true color of this unusual dress. Actually, the dress itself is not the trick – it’s the lighting. Reeko has talked about sight and color before, how the light reflects off the object you “see”, enters the eye through the lens, and hits the retina in the back of the eye causing signals to be sent to the visual cortex in the brain. Your mind then interprets the color

Who’s your mummy? How (and why) ancient Egyptians preserved their dead.

  Unlike gangsters and politicians who go to great lengths to hide dead bodies, ancient Egyptians did everything they could to ensure the dead body stuck around. At the time, Egyptians believed survival of the body after death was necessary in order to “live again” in the afterlife. Thus the preservation of their dead was extremely important to the people of ancient Egypt (Editor note: Reeko said we were specifically forbidden to mention the “double your mummy back” guarantees offered by the ancient Egyptian funeral homes). Surprisingly, researchers this week found that the Egyptian practice of mummification was being carried out much earlier than previously thought. They found that embalming substances from the oldest-known Egyptian cemeteries showed mummy-making from as early as about 4300 BC – about 6,000

Yay, vampires are real! Wait, OMG, vampires are real!

Uh oh, this can’t be good. Two different sets of scientists released some pretty amazing news on Sunday. Seems that transfusing the blood of a young mouse into an old mouse can improve the old mouse's mental and physical capabilities. In other words, the scientists reversed aging in the muscles and brains of old mice simply by running the blood of young mice through their veins. Yes, vampires have had it right all along. Researchers at both Harvard and the University of California reached the same conclusion by taking the protein GDF11 from the blood of young mice and pumping it through a few old-timers. What they saw amazed them. Despite an eerie glazed look on their pale faces, the old mice could run longer on

Is your phone, TV, or computer melting your brain?

EMFs, EMRs, and other scary stuff You may not have known this but every day you are holding a high-powered microwave transmitter (cellphone) directly against the side of your head. If you feel like this is making you smarter or promoting the growth of superpowers – don’t. Cell phones generate electromagnetic fields (EMF) and emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which may be bad for your health (OMG). WARNING, WARNING, WARNING But wait, before we begin... Reeko warning: Please, read this entire article in its entirety. Do not make any rash decisions until this article has been read thoroughly, thought about, and then read again. We repeat, do not throw your cellphone across the room and do not attempt to use your little brother or sister as a shield against

Scientists replace man’s lost arm with robotic drumming arm – meet the world’s first human-cyborg drummer!

No replacement for a lost body part is going to be as good as the original (at least not yet), but in special cases, such as with professional drummer Jason Barnes, scientists can come pretty close. Jason lost his arm after an accident at his job and afterward found that, although he could still play his drums, it just wasn't quite the same as before. Jason had long dreamt of being accepted to the Atlanta Institute of Music and despite his unfortunate accident, refused to give up his dream of being a professional drummer. After talking to a few friends about his problem, he was put in touch with the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media who set to work on not only getting Jason back