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Everything you wanted to know about Reeko but were afraid to ask

Could this be Reeko?What can we say about Reeko. He’s a big science fan. He spends most of his spare time watching the Discovery Channel and rebuilding old robots. Lives alone with his 3 cats. Oh yeah, and he’s a computer nut too…

Oh, you want to know about Reeko’s Web site? OK, well, Reeko developed this Web site for three reasons:

  • He has always been fascinated with science. It’s still one of his favorite hobbies.
  • Reeko hoped he could instill his love of science into his three beautiful kids.
  • Reeko is a professional computer scientist with too much free time on his hands.

Reeko hopes the kids will find this page fun and hence foster a love for science. Reeko hopes parents will find this page interesting (as you may have noticed, the reading level is slightly above elementary in some cases). Hopefully they’ll sit down with their kids and attempt some of these experiments. Reeko believes they will have read the science facts so they understand the underlying principles behind these experiments. Then when the little one begins peppering them with questions, they’ll explain the how and why of these experiments to their kids. Reeko believes you should always give your child the benefit of a doubt, no matter how difficult you think the topic may be – they may surprise you!

Note: additional information about the true identity of “Reeko” can be found in the FBI database and in those hefty books at the Post Office.  It is rumored that he looks like this:

All kidding aside, and this is the only place on the entire website that you'll find this clue - Reeko often poses as a mild-mannered computer programmer/software engineer by day and scientists super-hero at night

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