What is going on here?

Regular visitors to the lab are probably scratching their heads wondering what sort of craziness Reeko has gotten himself into now.  Well it’s true, there was another catastrophic fire in the lab.  But the good news is – we got to rebuild the lab bigger, better, and with less escape routes for the lab rats!

So hold tight – give us a few days to get the remainder of the games online, the kinks out of the system, and the food bowls anchored for the lab rats, Delilah, and those crazy monkeys.  Once we get everything working smoothly (relatively speaking of course, this is Reeko we’re talking about), we expect to see these improvements over the old version:

  1. Frequent science news articles just for kids!
  2. A larger variety of games
  3. More science resources
  4. Less gray hair for Reeko

For the geeks

For the nerd herd, here’s what we have done.  We have moved the site from a custom .Net backend framework to a new Content Management System (CMS).  This is course will make maintenance of the website much easier which lots of automation which means – much more content will be added on a frequent basis (as with the other SparTech Software websites, we expect new content to be added daily). In addition, the new CMS system provides much tighter integration with third party social networking sites.

The old website was much less secure and in fact, some features had to be shut down. Our new website is much more secure which means that some of the games and other features that we had turned off, we can now provide for the kids.


By Reeko