The mural on the side of this building absorbs as much pollution as 780 trees!

Big cities don't just contribute to the pollution problem, the lack of trees and other greenery robs the landscape of its ability to heal itself. But scientists have found a way around this problem - photocatalytic paints. Located on a busy metro street in Warsaw, the mural on the side of this building was painted with photocatalytic paint dosed with titanium dioxide. Photocatalytic paints use light energy to neutralize pollution. Add a bit of titanium dioxide and the chemical reaction is even stronger. The reaction between the paint and pollutants converts Nitrogen Oxides and other harmful airborne pollutants into harmless nitrates. The paint is called KNOxOUT (nitrogen oxide, NOx - get it?) and it absorbs the nitrogen oxides created by cars, factories, and power stations. Sunlight acts

Stop peeing in the pool – it’s creating a deadly, dangerous chemical weapon!!

Scientists with too much time on their hands have just finished a study that found peeing in the pool, which contains chlorinated water, is creating a deadly combination of chemicals. The chemical that results is trichloramine and cyanogen chloride which scientists know causes lung problems and can hurt your heart and nervous system. In fact, cyanogen chloride is known to the military as “CK” and is considered a chemical warfare weapon. So yeah, your pee in the pool is mixing with the chlorine and making a chemical weapon – how cool is that!!! The scientists said that they were not as worried about the dangerous pee in the pool as they were worried about kids drinking a bunch of soft drinks and trying to start a