Animal Kingdom

Amazing video – new method of ants working together – a daisy-chain!

An ant brain is tiny, about 1/40,000th the size of a human brain (ants have 250,000 brain cells vs. humans’ 10,000,000 brain cells) so it goes without saying, they’re not too bright. But an ant colony of 40,000 ants collectively has the same size brain as a human and working together as a group, they are capable of extraordinary feats. Together they may not be able to drive a car, work a computer, or send a text message but check out the amazing video below which shows a colony of ants forming a long daisy-chain in order to pull a dead millipede back to their nest. Ants form daisy-chain to pull millipede along Ants are what biologists call a “superorganism” – a social unit with…
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Six new species of Dracula Ants discovered (and that’s six too many if you ask Reeko)

Scientists from California say they have discovered six new species of Dracula Ants (which the big scientists call Adetomyrma), those strange blind ants with big fangs that get their name from their bizarre habit of sucking the insect blood out of the colony’s own baby ants (called larvae).  Scientists say that although it really creeps them out, sucking the insect juice out of the babies doesn't seem to hurt the baby ants (although they noted the babies fight like crazy to escape the bigger Dracula Ants which indicates it must not be a pleasant experience for them). Here’s a picture of the ants sucking the insect goo out of a larvae. Dracula Ant colonies can contain as many as 10,000 blood suckers.  The worker ants…
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