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Confused? Bewildered?  Just plain dumb?  Check out the FAQ below. How come you pick on Dads so much? Because we love 'em.   What do you look like?  Would I recognize you if I saw you on the street? Well, if I'm wearing my cape and my shirt with the big letter 'R' on it then you'd probably be able to spot me.  But in order to avoid recognition, Reeko often masquerades as a mild-mannered mad scientist.  Still, if you see someone with wild hair sticking straight up, a glazed look in his eyes, and smells like chemicals - who knows, maybe it's   How come you always put those little dots (...) at the end of sentences? ...   Who is 'Chimp"? Reeko's chess…
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Crazy Questions and Answers

Reeko’s answers to the puzzling questions that surround us It's a crazy world out ; Luckily, here inside Reeko's Lab, everything is pretty much ; So Reeko took a break from his latest anti-gravity, moon-walking flip-flops experiment and let the Chess playing monkey out of his cage for a little ; While the monkey scampered all over the lab knocking over beakers and such, Reeko chased the wild-eyed creature, all-the-while firing puzzling, unanswered scientific questions at ; Here's the responses he received (don't worry - Reeko translated the monkey talk to English for you) ...   What is an ice cream headache and will I die if I keep eating after getting one? Scientists have debated this question for quite some ; With the problems…
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