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Reeko’s salute to the wonderful (and funny) world of animals

They can be scary, ugly, cute, and funny. They’re a critical part of our ecosystem, required for the very survival of mankind – animals! Here’s Reeko’s salute to those fuzzy (and feathery) creatures we all love oh so much.  Check out the animal pictorial below (click picture for larger version).
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Animal Kingdom

Meet Alviniconcha strummeri – the spike-haired snail named after a famous punk rocker

The Alviniconcha strummeri sea snail is covered in awesome spikes giving it the telltale appearance (you may need to squint your eyes a bit) of a classic spike-haired punk rocker. In fact, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute named it Alviniconcha strummeri after the famous Clash frontman, punk rocker Joe Strummer. “Because they look like punk rockers in the 70s and 80s and have purple blood and live in such an extreme environment, we decided to name one new species after a punk rock icon.” These golf ball-sized punk rock snails live thousands of feet underwater, crowded around the mouths of fiery-hot hydrothermal vents. Scientists believe the extreme heat from the thermal vents are what give the snail its typical severely damaged and spiked shell.…
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