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Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab is not the only cool science website on the Internet.  Here’s some other cool geeky websites that we like.

The World Wide Web

Alright, so the list is not exactly ‘extensive’ but it’s a start. Reeko will keep adding interesting science links as he stumbles across them in his never-ending quest for knowledge. Here are some sites that Reeko’s thinks are great!

SciCental This award winning site has been online for over a decade now and offers breaking science research news in the areas of biosciences, health sciences, physics and chemistry, earth and space, and engineering.
Franklin Institute Science Museum This page is hosted by, who else – The Franklin Institute Science Museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although much of their site is previews of exhibits from their museum, be sure to check out their Online Exhibits page – it’s the next best thing to being there.
The Mineral Gallery Anything and everything you wanted to know about ROCKS (for you little scientists, this aspect of science is known as geology).
Space Shuttle This is NASA’s page dedicated to the Space Shuttle missions. You can track current missions, read about the payloads, and check out crew biographies. Using Real Audio you can actually listen in to the astronaut’s conversations in real time (as it happens). Also features lots of photos and video shots.
Science News Online The Science News magazine has been around for over 70 years, and for good reason.  This site has up-to-date science news that’s interesting!  Want to know how a computer chip works?  Heard about the new planet discoveries?  Check this site out for all this and much, much more.
Discover Magazine Online Here it is – from Walt Disney comes the Discover Magazine online edition.   A quality site, featuring articles from current and back issues of the print version of their magazine.  This site is updated daily and features the most up-to-date science news on the Net.

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